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Could Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci Both Have Been Right About “Gain of Function” Research at Wuhan?

A short video explaining some thoughts I had when I re-watched their recent exchange:

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Dr. Barry Sears on Preventing and Resolving Inflammation with the Zone Diet

Benjamin and I have been longtime fans (if not, unfortunately, faithful adherents) of Dr. Barry Sears’ work. And we’re finding his work–particularly his latest book about the importance of the proper diet in resolving inflammation–to be particularly relevant today.

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sears, with focus on his his latest book, The Resolution Zone, and its relevance not only to helping people resolve inflammation from COVID19, the vaccines, even stress during this pandemic, but also over a whole lifetime.

Join us live at Noon ET for the interview, or you can watch the recording later at the same link here.

Use my discount code dontletitgo10 for 10% off Dr. Sears books, omega 3 and polyphenol supplements, and more, at

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A Meme, and a Request to Mark Your Calendars

  1. A meme 🙂

2. A request to mark your calendar!

On Monday, at Noon ET, Benjamin and I will have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Barry Sears, author of several books on the Zone Diet, the most recent of which is The Resolution Zone: The Science of the Resolution Response.
We’ll be asking Dr. Sears about the role of diet in helping the body resolve inflammation caused by not only COVID, but also the vaccines, and much more. I hope you can join us!

I will send out a dedicated Rumble livestream link about a day before the interview, but if you want to give yourself some extra insurance, subscribe to Don’t Let It Go on Rumble here.

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