“How Many Days to Flatten the CronyCare Curve?”

by Amy Peikoff and Benjamin Chayes

“Get vaccinated!” he whispered. So ended an address in which President Biden stoked fear, anger, and resentment in support of his latest pandemic policy measures. 

The toughest sell was his plan to have private employers “nudge” Americans to submit to vaccines with no long-term track record, and which do an imperfect job against a low lethality disease.

Today’s pertinent disclaimer: We’re both vaccinated (Moderna). In the months since, however, we’ve felt uneasy under the bombardment of a single, univocal message: This is now a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.” Only The Vaccine can resurrect Life as Normal. Could The Vaccine be just the latest product and instrument of the public-private partnership we call “CronyCare”?

Read more here at Real Clear Policy


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6 responses to ““How Many Days to Flatten the CronyCare Curve?”

  1. The article is magnificent

  2. Josef

    Fantastic piece Amy.

    I hope you’re don’t get “cancelled” by the all-knowing Amish Adalja followers otherwise known as Objectivists. “If it comes from a big corporation, it is the good, and if it’s validated by an objectivist scientist (probably because he’s the only one) the better.” I’ve been out of social media for a while so I hope I’m wrong, but that’s the impression I got during the weeks prior to quitting social media and from the few newsletters I receive from Oists.

    This article was a breath of fresh air.

    I will forward it to as many people as possible.

    Thank you.

  3. Todd Goldberg

    Glad to see you back online with timely commentary. Are you no longer able to post audio versions of these to your old “Don’t Let it Go” feed on Itunes? If not why not? If not I will delete that feed from my library if it’s not used anymore. Also you don’t need to get personal if you don’t want to, but listeners/viewers might wonder who is your new associate Benjamin. When you first started out (and I listened to you from the very beginning!” you used to introduce your colleagues or guests so perhaps you should similarly introduce your colleague/cohost Benjamin so we the listeners know a little about who he is? Thank you and good luck/best wishes.

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