Two Interviews–One of Eugene Volokh (The Volokh Conspiracy) by me. One of me by John Tabacco (Liquid Lunch TV)

As I’m getting more settled in at Parler, I’ve been starting to do some interviews here and there. Here are two from this week, in case you missed them.

First, on Tuesday, I interviewed UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh, who is a renowned First Amendment scholar and also the founder and a coauthor of The Volokh Conspiracy weblog, currently hosted by Reason.

Eugene explains the 2 main things that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act does, as well as its history, and then explains what the effect would be if the recently proposed amendment, the “Online Freedom and Viewpoint Diversity Act,” were to pass. We also discuss the novel use of the term “censorship” in the culture, as applied to the actions of private entities. And more. Check it out here:

And yesterday I was a guest on Liquid Lunch TV with host John Tabacco, discussing Facebook’s new “Climate Change Information Center,” some of the features and advantages of Parler, and more! Check that out here:

I plan to return to regular Saturday afternoon shows of my own by mid-October, after I get a bit more settled. Thanks for your patience!

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