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Barr and Wray are Coming for Your Apple Encryption

An extra I did earlier this week, after Tom Hall sent me the video of a press conference by Attorney General Barr and FBI Director Wray, “arguing” for a legislative ban on Apple iPhone encryption technology. Watch the conference along with me, and let me know if you think their argument is any good. (Spoiler: I did not.)

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Latest Coronavirus Developments, an interview with infectious disease specialist Amesh Adalja

Today I did a wide-ranging interview with infectious disease specialist, Dr. Amesh Adalja, Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security. All the latest on the Coronavirus, including media coverage, politicization, a day in the life of a Dr./infectious disease specialist, risk factors/comorbidities, prospects for vaccines/cures/treatments/testing/tracing, and more!

Please like and share this episode, as Dr. Adalja is the voice of reason during this pandemic.

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Yaron and Amy: Combating and Escaping Coronavirus Era Authoritarianism, TODAY 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT)

How do we escape the effects of the sorts of authoritarian power grabs Yaron and I discussed last time? We have some fresh examples, but also some promising developments. What values will you take with you from this era? We’ll share some of ours.


Quest Direct (COVID Testing on Demand)

Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Early Results

Vaccine opponents are gaining in Facebook ‘battle for hearts and minds,’ new map shows (HT Benjamin Chayes)

Napa County art gallery objects to arbitrary reopening order

“Lawful access” is the new phrase fascists are using for an encryption ban
HT Tom Hall

Inside the closed-door campaigns to rewrite California privacy law, again

Legalize Privacy

L.A. County Coronavirus Update: County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer Apologizes For Controversial Remarks, “Confusion”

dontletitgo community at Locals (use code YARONANDAMY to get one month free membership)


Tamir Hendelman at Home 5/23: A Tribute to Harold Arlen

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