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CLP Files Amicus Brief in United States v. Facebook

Should an individual lose the protection of our Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement simply because he or she shares information, for a limited purpose, on Facebook?

Today the Center for the Legalization of Privacy filed its first amicus brief, in United States v. Facebook, currently pending before Federal District Court in the District of Columbia. The case concerns whether the Court should approve a settlement reached between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission, embodied in this stipulated order.

Read more about the brief CLP filed, and how you can help continue the effort to Legalize Privacy here.

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Brief Show Hiatus

Thank you for your patience with my lack of shows. If you’ve read my earlier post, you know that almost 2 weeks ago I discovered a substantial mold problem in the air conditioning intake of the place I’ve been renting for a few months. I’ve been sick for nearly 2 months now. (Asthma for the first time in my life, and recurring sinus infection/bronchitis on top of that, plus other symptoms.) A few days ago I got out of the place, and am in temporary lodging. Hopefully that plus my current treatment plan will get my health back.

In the meantime, I have the brief in US vs. Facebook due soon, so I need to focus on that, plus whatever steps are necessary to get my health back. So I’m taking time off from any broadcasting until I get those two priorities addressed. My goal is to resume shows by mid-October. I promise to keep you posted if that changes. Thanks again; hope you all are doing well. Please make sure to check your A/C system for mold!


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