Democracy for Hong Kong?

(As posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram earlier today. I was asked whether it could be shared to other platforms as well, so I’m posting it here.)

HongKongers, I’m reposting my #Eye4HK photo today, to show more support and to hopefully get your attention so I can ask you to consider something: 

Your fight against totalitarianism is probably the most inspiring thing happening on this planet today. But I keep seeing many of you demand “Democracy,” and I don’t think that’s really what you want. I don’t blame you, because people all over the world demand “Democracy,” thinking they are demanding something that will guarantee them freedom. Freedom to come to their own decisions about what is best for their lives, and to act accordingly.

But “Democracy,” is nothing more than a process of mob rule. If the mob votes for freedom, yes, you’ll get freedom. But as history has taught us, the mob often does not vote for freedom. The mob votes to oppress or steal from some minority.

HongKongers, I think what you really want is a government with the best chance of respecting *individual rights*. Ours in the United States was designed, originally, to do that. A Constitutional government with explicit limitations on government action, explicit guarantees of rights protection, and checks and balances to correct for human error/corruption. 

Today we are far from perfect, because the philosophy that provides the best defense and justification for this type of system has not yet been fully accepted, and in the meantime, the system of checks and balances has been eroded. (Eroded to the point where we have a President giving businesses orders in his tweets!)

Nonetheless I think it is this type of system–a Constitutional government guaranteeing respect for rights and incorporating checks and balances–that has the best chance of protecting the freedom so many of us value.

#StandWithHongKong #IndividualRights4HongKong


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5 responses to “Democracy for Hong Kong?

  1. Robert Curry

    Excellent explanation until the part about Trump. The erosion of checks and balances that has taken place has come from the left, because there has been no meaningful resistance from Republicans. Trump has filled the void created by an inconsequential Republican Party.

    • This comment is a case in point as to the reasons for the erosion here. It’s ok if the office-holder from “my party” violates checks-and-balances, because he’s just doing what the really bad party already did, and he’s fighting them. Party over principle.

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