The Yaron and Amy Show will return June 2!

I’ve just heard from Yaron who is busy celebrating his birthday (plus giving talks, etc., of course!) in Israel. He said he won’t be able to do a show this Saturday–that makes two Saturdays in a row that we will have missed. 😦 But he said we’re “definitely on” for the next Saturday, June 2. So I hope you can join us!


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5 responses to “The Yaron and Amy Show will return June 2!

  1. Jean Walsh

    Hi Amy, thanks for the update. And I was wondering if you’ve stopped doing your Wednesday shows. I don’t seem to be seeing anything of them the last couple of weeks. Jean

    • Yes, I’ve stopped them, at least for now. I’ve found that, since I’ve committed to doing the book again, and started formulating plans to do some other activities related to the book, my motivation to do shows on current political topics has declined quite a bit. So I’m going to limit that to shows with Yaron, at least for now.

      Re: the book, I’ve worked on revisions for Chapter One — as much as I can do before the Supreme Court issues its opinion in Carpenter — and I’ve gone onto Chapter Two, discussing the nature and value of privacy. (That Chapter doesn’t depend on Carpenter, at least.) So far, so good!

      • Jean Walsh

        Thanks, good to know I’m not letting something go unheard! Sounds like you’re making good progress on the book. Looking forward to reading it when it’s done. Hopefully the Carpenter opinion will come soon. 🙂

  2. Joe Madison

    Please talk about Tommy Robinson on your next show.

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