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The Yaron and Amy Show will return June 2!

I’ve just heard from Yaron who is busy celebrating his birthday (plus giving talks, etc., of course!) in Israel. He said he won’t be able to do a show this Saturday–that makes two Saturdays in a row that we will have missed. 😦 But he said we’re “definitely on” for the next Saturday, June 2. So I hope you can join us!


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The Shapiro RT that makes you nervous — in a good way! :D

If you watched my show with Yaron this week, you saw that he mentioned Ben Shapiro’s interview of Jordan Peterson. Well, I watched it today, and then wrote up some thoughts I had about it. I posted those on Facebook, and also as a thread on Twitter, in reply to the short video clip of me discussing the difference between Peterson and Rand. (I posted that clip here yesterday.) At the end of my Twitter thread I posted this invitation to Shapiro, which you see in the below image. As you can see, he retweeted it! I guess that means I might actually get to discuss it with him??? Would love it, as much of a challenge as I know that will be!

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The Difference between Ayn Rand and Jordan B. Peterson

On this week’s Yaron and Amy Show, we got into a discussion of Jordan B. Peterson’s pragmatism. It starts about 59 minutes into the episode:

Today I extracted a one minute teaser (about 1 hour, 19 minutes in?), which includes my take on the essential difference in the ethical foundations of Rand and Peterson. If you like it, I’d appreciate help in sharing the clip. Thanks! (It’s also available as a video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where I’ve separately posted the clip.)

Hope your week is off to a good start!


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