Show Schedule Update

Just a heads up for those who are behind and won’t be able to listen to today’s show for a bit: I decided to stop doing shows on Fridays, for a few reasons: First, logistically I keep having conflicts with other things I need to do on Fridays (family and other obligations–I have another this Friday!). But also, as I discussed in today’s show, there’s the problem of focusing too much on pain, danger and enemies–especially when doing so does not add value to your life. Since I started this experiment, I’ve seen that doing a show two or three days a week does not, unfortunately, translate into two or three times the listens. My guess is that people simply have too much great content to try and listen to, including shows by Yaron Brook and others. It therefore doesn’t make sense for me to immerse myself in the news, etc., the way I do to prepare for shows, three days per week. My limited time is better spent, I think, on other projects, including more reading and writing. Hope everyone understands. To see what I’ve got my mind on between shows, you can always follow me on the social media outlet of your choice. 🙂

“See” you next Monday, and thanks for your continued support!

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  1. Craig

    Superb interview of Richard Maybury by Rick Rule.

    “The government in Washington … is a brutal, socialist parasite that was erected in place of the original government in the late 1800s and early 1900s when America was being taken over by socialism.” — Richard Maybury

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