Truth, Alternative Facts, TrumpSpeak, Weed Whackers, and Vaginas

Truth, facts and language are at the fore as we look at Trump’s first several days as President. See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., I plan to discuss.

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Program Notes

Waking Up with Sam Harris #62 — What is True? HT Jeffrey Young

White House Backs ‘Alternative Facts’ HT Rob Abiera

HT Daniel Henry

Trump names new FCC chairman: Ajit Pai, who wants to take a ‘weed whacker’ to net neutrality HT Rob Abiera

Trump Revives Keystone Pipeline Rejected by Obama

Trump Abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership, Obama’s Signature Trade Deal

Trump Issues Executive Order Scaling Back Parts of Obamacare

Trump to Order Mexican Border Wall and Curtail Immigration

Trump Revives Ban on Foreign Aid to Groups That Give Abortion Counseling

SJW Blog: The Vagina Imagery at the Women’s March Was Offensive to Women Without Vaginas HT Rob Abiera

In Its Third Month, India’s Cash Shortage Begins to Bite

DNC Chair Candidate: My Job Is To Tell White People When To Shut Their Mouths HT Rob Abiera

UFOs, Psychics, and Spies: The CIA Just Put 12M Pages of Files Online HT Rob Abiera

From 2014: An App That Makes It Easy to Pester Your Congress Member HT Rob Abiera

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4 responses to “Truth, Alternative Facts, TrumpSpeak, Weed Whackers, and Vaginas

  1. Craig

    Lavabit is back!

    On Trump’s inauguration day Levison chose to relaunch Lavabit.

    The new version uses the Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME). It will provide three options: Trustful, Cautious, and Paranoid. Trustful is the easiest to use and assumes the user trusts the server. Paranoid mode provides the most limited functionality, but no one except the user has the encryption keys. DIME can be used independently of Lavabit.

    Former Lavabit users will be able to reactivate their accounts. The service is currently in limited launch mode, but new users can pre-register at half price.

    As the Trump State tries to carve away at our liberties, Ladar Levison is fighting back. This may be treason in the Donald’s eyes, but if this be treason, make the most of it.

  2. I have an essay on the immigration issue that is rather long but worth reading if you are interested in The Wall.

  3. Thanks for the music link at the bottom of the program notes; that was great!

  4. Harold

    Economic growth in the United States has, on average, been slowed by 0.8 percent per year since 1980 owing to the cumulative effects of regulation.
    If regulation had been held constant at levels observed in 1980, the US economy would have been about 25 percent larger than it actually was as of 2012.
    This means that in 2012, the economy was $4 trillion smaller than it would have been in the absence of regulatory growth since 1980.
    This amounts to a loss of approximately $13,000 per capita, a significant amount of money for most American workers.

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