“How Far To Accommodate Others’ Ignorance?” TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

Today we’ll consider the question I asked last week at a more abstract level, and go beyond the Hillary v. Donald issue to consider a couple other examples. We’ll discuss selected news stories as well; see Program Notes, below, for a list of stories, etc., I plan to discuss.

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Program Notes

Don’t Let It Go…UntoasTED

The One-Minute Life

Trump: Muslim ban ‘just a suggestion’

Trump: U.S. will never default ‘because you print the money’ HT Robb Wolf

Hillary Clinton Takes a Step to the Left on Health Care

Facebook launches conservative censorship probe

Obama Administration Issues Guidelines to Ensure Trans Students Receive Appropriate Treatment HT Sunny Lohmann

One year after the Garland attack HT Rob Abiera

Artist who won Garland Muhammad contest puts drawing up for auction HT Bosch Fawstin

Search warrant executed for Prince’s medical records, identifies doctor who treated him

Judge rules in favor of Republicans in Obamacare challenge HT Jean Walsh

Scientists Hold Secret Meeting to Consider Creating a Synthetic Human Genome


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16 responses to ““How Far To Accommodate Others’ Ignorance?” TODAY at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

  1. john clarke

    People blamed the 2098 crash on free enterprise so blaming capitalism is not a good reason to vote for Clinton.

    I’m voting for Trump because of immigration. If Clinton gets elected the country will be flooded with democratic voting immigrants.

    Immigration is a democratic voter drive which objectivists refuse to admit.

    • john clarke

      If we had open immigration then half of Venezuela would come here. These are people who would rather eat their pets than vote out socialists. And look at what’s going on in Europe with Muslims.

      Objectivists would rather embrace a rationalistic immigration policy than defend what’s left of our European culture.

      Just give them copies of Atlas shrugged and human action when they cross the borders.

      • john clarke

        I also think trumps foreign policy is likely to be better. Us jntervention in MENA has destabilized the area leading to an Islamic invasion of Europe. I think trump sees the danger of this. He talked about the dangers of Islam when it was politically incorrect to do so.

      • Trini Delagado Eiche

        Chavez’s and Maduro’s elections and re-elections were rife with fraud. Venezuelans have repeatedly tried voting the dictators out, without success. Opposition presidential candidates have been jailed or murdered. Do not talk about Venezuelans when you know nothing about their situation. And by the way, a lot of Venezuelans are already here–legally. I am one of them.

      • Venezuelans have already tried to vote the dictators out, unsuccessfully. Opposition presidential candidates have been either jailed or murdered. Do not discuss Venezuelans when you know nothing of their actual situation. And by the way, many Venezuelans are already here–legally. I am one of them. Some are even Objectivists.

        • john clarke

          But how does that change things ,? If we had open immigration as Brook Peikoff Biddle etc support our country would be flooded with leftists.

          Binswanger is consistent. Any Muslim who wants to come here should be free t o come without any screening. Brook has said Muslim men respect women.

  2. john clarke

    Taken in context of the article it’s not that bad. He’s always said its temporary and there would be exceptions.

    But do you agree with mainstream objectivism that Islamic terrorism would end with a better foreign policy and is unrelated to immigration?

    One prominent objectivist told me that if we nuked Saudi Arabia Muslims in the west would lose interest in terror. Do you believe this?

    • john clarke

      Trumps policy still seems better than Yaron Brooks who would flood the USA Israel and Europe with Muslims. He connects Islamic terrorism with immigration unlike the ARI

      • john clarke

        Amy. Do you agree with Brook that Israel should have open immigration?

        • I don’t think Israel (or we) should have completely open immigration. But I’m not sure that’s Brook’s view, either. I thought it was Binswanger who held that view.

          • john clarke

            I’ve read everything that Biddle Brook and Binswanger hAve written about immigration and they don’t exempt Israel.

            They have also said opposition to immigration is based on racism. I believe Yaron has said Israel’s law of return is racist.

  3. john clarke

    Amy. Do you agree with Brook and Binswanger that Israel has a racist immigration policy?

    • john clarke

      Amy. Do you think Israel should have open immigration of Ethiopian Christians ?

      I don’t agree with Brook on this but at least he’s consistent.

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