“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Trump,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

HT Bosch Fawstin

Today we’ll discuss a number of the top stories of the week, with a focus on the danger to individual rights posed by a Donald Trump presidency.

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Program Notes

The Deal is Made: Kasich to Ohio, Rubio to Florida, Cruz Out of Both

Republican Debate Takeaways: Trump Labors at Policy, as Cruz Angles Toward One-on-One Fight

11 most interesting moments of the GOP debate

Carson: ‘There are two different Donald Trumps’

Trump: I’ll Do What We Already Do, Better HT Bosch Fawstin

At Trump University, Students Recall Pressure to Give Positive Reviews

Breitbart reporter files police report against Trump campaign manager

Ben Shapiro To Megyn Kelly: Breitbart Would Call For Lewandowski’s Firing If He Were On Hillary Campaign

Source: Clinton IT specialist revealing server details to FBI, ‘devastating witness’ HT Angie Lynn Hoskins Killian

FBI warns it could demand Apple’s iPhone code HT Stephen Bailey

Senate bill will impose fines on tech companies that refuse to unlock smartphones HT Rob Abiera

Horowitz: Cruz’s Path To Victory: The Math and Science HT Joel Marquez

How Cruz can win

Ted Cruz Might Still Be Able To Stop Donald Trump HT Bosch Fawstin

Scientists Attempt To Clone Extinct Ice Age Lion Cubs With Frozen DNA


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9 responses to ““Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Trump,” Today at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT)

  1. Harold

    3 Minutes long. Freshman Congressman (and con man) Thomas Jefferson Johnson (Eddie Murphy) is schooled in the ways of Washington by legendary lobbyist Terry Corrigan (Kevin McCarthy)

  2. Harold

    C-SPAN1 has good candidate coverage today.


    I never realized how big the Trump jet is. C-SPAN has wide shot coverage so it feels like you are there.

    Trump set up a heads-I-win tails-you-lose move in Chicago. He planned to have a huge event at the U. of Chicago, a solid democrat area. He telegraphed it ahead of time to allow opposition to build and then kept poking the communist bear in the eye all day. So now he does an in your face confrontation with the bear and wins or provokes the bear to violence and gets the free TV coverage. Cruz was scheduled to have a whole hour with Hannity but it was pre-empted by wall to wall Trump coverage. This near riot boosted TV coverage at the Trump Ohio events.

  3. Harold

    DC results 60% in so far

    Lil Marco 37%
    John 36%
    Teflon Don 14%
    Teddy 12%

  4. Jim Dahl, MD

    The sucker punch to the protester was a good thing. Let me explain. I’m not a Trump guy, I’m a Cruz supporter, for all of the reasons that those readers of Amy’s blog certainly knows, and with all of his ‘warts.’ Again, I’m no special pleader for Trump, but the protests in Chicago and around the country are being organized by Soros’ International ANSWER, the Occupy Wall St. movement, and BLM. Even if the protester inside the rally wasn’t a member of one of those groups, the punch may have some benefit. (Again, I’m NO Trump fan!) It was impolitic for Trump to have egged on his supporters at the rally, but he, like any candidate, is put at an odd position. He cannot react to violence being perpetrated against him. Make no mistake, it IS violence, as anyone who listens to Yaron Brook knows. When someone enters a rally, there is an implied agreement that he won’t disrupt the peaceful assembly. If he disagrees, he can quietly leave. If he disrupts, he is physically taking time away from not only the candidate, but the crowd as well. Time to deliver a message to an audience is limited in any campaign, and with any candidate, and there is no recompense that is available to the participants who have had it stolen from them. That theft, and that fraud, is not merely a nuisance, but an act of violence. But, you may say, the police are forcibly taking him out of the venue, which is the appropriate response to violence. I agree. However, there again, is no recompense available to the remaining participants, and if the notion that a protester can get popped even while in police custody may prevent many other people from attempting future disruptions. These people aren’t hindered by the police or justice system, and think their violent protests (fraud and theft) are noble. I wouldn’t condone it, but that it occurred may prevent another yahoo from future action.

    If it doesn’t, then nothing Trump says or does would change the onset of a melee when rioters are dead set on a riot. Also, I’ve no doubt that if Cruz were the front runner at this time, violent protesters would be present at his rallies.

    I don’t condone the sucker punch, but I’m not that unhappy that it happened. These violent disruptions are taking place all over the nation at many venues, and the people involved think that they are involved in non-violent protest. But fraud and theft are violence, even when perpetrated against someone I dislike.

  5. Harold

    [audio src="https://cdn47.castfire.com/audio/550/3618/26026/2706300/2706300_2016-03-17-002100-8210-0-53-0.32k.mp3" /]

    Monica Crowley – Nice analysis of the race. 40 minutes long
    Ted Cruz analysis 10 minutes from the beginning.

  6. Harold

    Published on Mar 18, 2016

    Rick Perry at 31 minutes said that “It may come down to just California.”

  7. Harold

    Published on Mar 28, 2016

    Radio host Charlie Sykes of RightWisconsin has a contentious interview with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

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