Watch “Team America” on Christmas Day!

Sony has canceled its release of “The Interview”

Some theaters got the idea of showing “Team America World Police” instead, but Paramount nixed that.

So I got the idea of coordinating an event for all of us to watch Team America, either on our TVs or our computers.

Because “The Interview” was scheduled to be released on Christmas Day, I’ve set the date of the event for Christmas, but you should realize that the timing is to be construed loosely for purposes of the event. (Those of you who don’t like Team America can choose to loosely construe the word “watch” as well 🙂 ) What’s most important is to take a public stand, and at least have an electronic device in your home playing the movie sometime around Christmas.

If you would like to join the event, and let North Korea and their hackers know that we will not be intimidated, then sign up on Facebook here (or, if you prefer not to be on Facebook, comment on this post to let us know you’re joining in).

Don’t own “Team America”? I’m told that you can stream it on Netflix, but you can also rent it cheaply from Amazon here.

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