“Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn,” today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

The title of today’s show was inspired by smoke I smelled during my morning walk. I heard at least some of the fires raging in So. Cal. this week were attributed to arson, and thought about the pure nihilism arson represents. HT to Bosch Fawstin for recalling the apt movie line from The Dark Knight!

See Program Notes, below, for all the stories, etc., we plan to discuss in today’s show.

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Program Notes

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Last Week’s Show: Don’t Let It Go!

Wildfires scorch parched California; 2,600 firefighters respond

Merriam Webster, “nihilism”

Dictionary.com, “nihilism”

Oxford English Dictionary

Report: 36K criminals freed while awaiting deportation

Official Says Immigration Program Up For Review

Enviros attack markets to kill energy industry HT Rob Abiera

Vote on Keystone pipeline dies with energy efficiency measure

BRUCE: Veterans die while a traitor gets VIP health care

Assault on the Chilean Miracle HT Rob Abiera on Don’t Let It Go Unheard page on Facebook

Prez Phil, get Mark Jackson on Line 1!

Virgin Mary Statue Decapitated Outside L.I. Knights Of Columbus Branch

How the Web’s Fast Lanes Would Work Without Net Neutrality

The Great Unveiling: Iranian Women Are Ditching Their Head Scarves on Facebook HT Daniel Henry via Facebook

How much would an iPhone have cost in 1991? HT Daniel Henry via Facebook

Measles virus used to put woman’s cancer into remission HT Ted Cruz via Facebook

‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season Finale: Five Things That Worked


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3 responses to ““Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn,” today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

  1. Craig

    Glenn Greenwald on CSPAN:
    Edward Snowden, the NSA and Information Privacy

  2. During my medical training, I was exposed to govt healthcare: the VA health system. This was enough for me to know govt healthcare is and would be a disaster. There is no incentive to even decent standards of care. As a medical student, I was the primary caregiver for a handful of veterans. I drew blood, transported, and did almost all the charting. The intern managed the medical care; the senior resident (who was there on the unit 2-3 times/week) acted as the attending physician. I never once saw an attending physician on the medical floor. There was one nurse on our unit for up to 20 patients. She spent 95% of her time at the unit desk. I did the very best I could for these noble men, but I wasn’t yet trained to provide the care they should’ve received. The number of medically unsound practices I witnessed was so great I couldn’t have cataloged them. -Jim Dahl MD

  3. Craig

    Secrets, lies and Snowden’s email: why I was forced to shut down Lavabit

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