New Blog: News Sandwich

Just a note to let you know that a few days ago I started a new blog, News Sandwich. Its purpose is described in the introduction to the first post:

It’s easy to find –- and focus on — bad news. The purpose of News Sandwich is to help readers tip the balance a bit, by sandwiching an item of bad news between two items of good news. Readers are not encouraged to ignore reality, but simply to remember that good things are happening as well, even in today’s world.

If this idea appeals to you, go check out the first three posts here.


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4 responses to “New Blog: News Sandwich

  1. Trini Eiche

    Great idea, Amy! We’re awash in bad news, and need relief with some good news.

  2. Craig

    Dave Schneider (Fox news) says:
    we need to give money to Egypt to be safe

  3. Oh, man we so NEED a blog like that. I will definitely bookmark your new blog and reach for it in times of despair.

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