Obamacare as “Knockout Game”

Knock Out Game small file
Having read recently about the disgusting and evil “Knockout Game,” it occurred to me that Obamacare is, in effect, designed to knock out the American economy and way of life, in a single punch. After all, it is poised to destroy, by exerting totalitarian control over, one-sixth of our economy. And, despite the fact that nearly half of Americans want the law to be repealed — almost all Americans want it to be at least substantially modified — Obama is insisting it continue to be shoved down the throat of the American people. He’s even summoned his media lackeys to be accomplices.

The only answer is the one that Senator Ted Cruz and a select handful of politicians are calling for: TOTAL REPEAL. Furthermore, total repeal of Obamacare should be only the first step in getting government — i.e., force — completely out of the market for healthcare.

Thanks to cartoonist Bosch Fawstin for creating the accompanying graphic.


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5 responses to “Obamacare as “Knockout Game”

  1. Josh Huntington

    Don’t try to heal it. Repeal it!

  2. Steve Butterbaugh

    It occurred to me that Obamacare is actually war. (Socialists/communists love killing people. They’re the biggests killer the world has ever known. Why should American socialists/communists be any different?) In war, the country takes its weapons and fights an enemy. But there are other ways to kill millions. People unable to afford healthcare is going to kill people. It’s looking like many are not going to be able to afford insurance. (I’m concerned about this myself.) Bloated benefits and premiums will put it outside the reach of many and simple healthcare, when it makes a difference, won’t be there.

  3. Craig

    Conservatism and the Constitution are incompatible.

  4. Excellent. Well written.

    Where are the courageous to impeach him?

  5. Jim Dahl MD

    Agreed. But the American Left has been softening up the country with jabs and body blows for nearly 100 years: this knockout punch won’t be nearly as difficult as it should be. Great show as well. Qua antibiotic development: when I was in my medical practice about ten years ago, the price to bring one chemical to market as a new medicine in the US was quoted to me consistently at $300 million, with an average time of development due to regulations of about ten years. The sad thing is that due to the US educational system, many physicians have been taught to be ardent socialists. Their business knowledge is so poor, many often shrugged at the cost and regulatory burden of “Big Pharma” and figured they are making too much money anyway. The worst vice in human history is envy – particularly the desire for the unearned. It has permeated the American psyche.

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