If you don’t like Obamacare, you can keep it. Today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

Today we play catch-up after missing a show last week. We’ll discuss Anthem the Play, which we saw in NYC last weekend, Obamacare (of course!), and more. Check out program notes, below, for links to the stories, etc., we plan to discuss today.

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Program Notes

Shooter at LAX was an off-duty TSA officer

Anthem the Play

6 Obamacare Enrollees on first day (via CBS via Drudge)

Obama stands by the promise that “you can keep your plan”

CNN: Senate Democrats supported rule that led to insurance cancellations HT: @CouldntBRighter on Twitter

More shameless self promotion (not really): My profile on Facebook

CNN: Obama pressuring insurance companies to keep quiet about Obamacare problems HT: Rob Abiera

Revealed: How GPs are paid £50 bonus to put elderly on ‘death lists’ HT: Rob Abiera

Suzanne Somers: The Affordable Care Act is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme
HT: Bosch Fawstin

SunnyTV: Hey, Obamazombies, bite me! (video)

George Will: For Rick Santorum, the fight goes on

McCarthy: The Republican Embrace of the Welfare State

Court Reinstates Most of Texas’ New Abortion Rules

Post by Senator Ted Cruz

Fringe? 42 Percent of Likely Voters Say Views are Closest to Tea Party HT: Rob Abiera

Gov’t to Take $14M of Kobe’s $24M Lump Sum Payment in Taxes

Atlas Shrugged App on iTunes

Obama: Americans can trust FBI Director to balance laws and liberty
HT Bosch Fawstin

Germany: Prepared to speak to Snowden

Rand Paul: NSA ‘Could Be Spying’ on Obama

Link to pdf of Common Core ELA worksheet included in Pearson Textbook HT: Listener Daniel

Post by GOP Reboot

The New Abolitionism: Why Education Emancipation is the Moral Imperative of Our Time

ColaLife: Turning Profits into Healthy Babies HT: Listener Lukas


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7 responses to “If you don’t like Obamacare, you can keep it. Today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

  1. I wanted to give some information on the subject of abortion and the republican nomination from the perspective of a former Catholic.
    The Catholic church and others make it the number one (and only) voting priority that politicians be “pro-life.” They want to hear “I will nominate/confirm pro-life judges, so that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.” It is my impression (though I may be wrong) that a sizable portion of republican votes focus only on this. That is, if democrats were on the same side of the issue, many religious would vote for democrats. Therefore, in a republican primary, it would be VERY difficult for a candidate to oppose legal constraints on abortion versus one that does.
    When you account for the fact that most have no idea what makes economic sense, and therefore can’t distinguish on that subject. It is very unlikely.
    I don’t mean to be a downer, but that’s just how I see it. Cruz would have to state for the record that he is against abortion and opposes its legality.

    • Interesting point. What do you think Catholics would do if no candidate campaigned against abortion? Maybe someone like Christie could win over those who vote solely on that criterion, but I think there are enough Americans waking up to the need for a return to the country as the founding fathers intended it.
      … but maybe not.
      There are still a lot of people who advocate for a middle ground compromising Republican candidate. It’s irrational, but too many people have yet to discover that reality or they simply choose to evade it. Even if most of those middle-grounders could be persuaded to consciously acknowledge the irrationality of what they advocate it doesn’t necessarily mean they will act or vote rationally.
      It is definitely an uphill battle. The only thing for certain is that it can’t be won if it is not fought. Therefore we must fight it.

      • It’s hard to say. As of this moment, I expect Republicans to win the WH based on history. Excepting VP succession, there hasn’t been back-to-back Dem presidents since 1856. We’re in a different situation, but I expect that patter to hold. It’s important the the R nom downplay his stance on abortion.

  2. Craig

    If you want to actually do something about Obamacare, something that you can do that will definitely pay off by making a real difference in your own life, then leave the country. Good, truly affordable pay-for-service medical care and genuine catastrophic private insurance is available in most of the world outside of the welfare states of Europe and North America. It does not do much good to spend your time whining about it rather than taking effective action.

    • So “effective action” to you is leaving America. You left the country and the fight, and you want others to do the same in order to justify yourself. Maybe you should stop whining about us not leaving as you did.

  3. Max

    When I listen to you and Bosch discuss the state of the country on the podcast, I get the sense that the two of you believe that enough Americans are seeing the truth about Obama to make a difference in the upcoming elections (2014 and 2016). When I talk to my friends, when I mention that I don’t believe the government should have any role in healthcare or other areas of economics, I get shocked responses, and they look at me like I don’t care about other people. (This wouldn’t bother me if people who hold these views weren’t able to vote my rights away.)

    I’m wondering if the people I speak with are not an accurate representation of the country as a whole (I’m 22, so most of my friends are still new to the buying health insurance). You two seem to suggest that they are not. Am I misinterpreting your views, or do you really see that people in America generally coming around?

    I look forward to the podcast every week, so thank you, Amy and Bosch, for enlightening me about news I otherwise find it hard to learn about.

    • I think Obama’s low approval rating is a good sign, but we won’t know how the country is really doing until we see the outcome of the next two elections. Thanks for listening, and for the kind words about the show!

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