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New Blog: News Sandwich

Just a note to let you know that a few days ago I started a new blog, News Sandwich. Its purpose is described in the introduction to the first post:

It’s easy to find –- and focus on — bad news. The purpose of News Sandwich is to help readers tip the balance a bit, by sandwiching an item of bad news between two items of good news. Readers are not encouraged to ignore reality, but simply to remember that good things are happening as well, even in today’s world.

If this idea appeals to you, go check out the first three posts here.


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Obamacare as “Knockout Game” & More, Today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

Today we’ll discuss the latest on Obamacare, which I am calling a “Knockout Game” whose target is the American economy and way of life. We’ll also discuss the “nuclear option” instituted in the Senate, and more.

Join in on the discussion live, either by phone or in the chatroom!

The show can be accessed here.

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Program Notes

Obamacare as “Knockout Game”

Fox News: ObamaCare enrollment for 2015 to reportedly be delayed until after midterms

Obama approval rating sinks to new low in CNN poll

Tammy Bruce: Why Women are So Over Obama

‘Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances,’ experts warn

Doctors are concerned about pay scales under health care law

Democrats Rein In Senate Filibusters

NYT: Partisan Fever in Senate Likely to Rise

Mark Levin: This nation is in grave jeopardy like nothing I’ve ever seen before (Obama to rule from Oval Office without challenge, because all challenges would have to be brought via the court that he is packing thanks to “nuclear option.”)

Portland school sees racism in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (HT: Deborah Sloan)

Ayn Rand Institute

Thomas Sowell, Richie Parker, and the Left’s War Against Achievement

Channing Tatum spoofs Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo ad with epic split


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Obamacare as “Knockout Game”

Knock Out Game small file
Having read recently about the disgusting and evil “Knockout Game,” it occurred to me that Obamacare is, in effect, designed to knock out the American economy and way of life, in a single punch. After all, it is poised to destroy, by exerting totalitarian control over, one-sixth of our economy. And, despite the fact that nearly half of Americans want the law to be repealed — almost all Americans want it to be at least substantially modified — Obama is insisting it continue to be shoved down the throat of the American people. He’s even summoned his media lackeys to be accomplices.

The only answer is the one that Senator Ted Cruz and a select handful of politicians are calling for: TOTAL REPEAL. Furthermore, total repeal of Obamacare should be only the first step in getting government — i.e., force — completely out of the market for healthcare.

Thanks to cartoonist Bosch Fawstin for creating the accompanying graphic.


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