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My 3-lecture course, “Toward a Society of Privacy,” now available as an MP3 download from the Ayn Rand Institute’s e-store

Those of you who weren’t able to attend my course, “Toward a Society of Privacy,” at last year’s Objectivist Conference (and maybe those of you who would like a refresher), can now get an MP3 download of all three lectures for the low price of $2.75. You can find it at the Ayn Rand Institute’s E-store here.

Here’s the course description:

In The Fountainhead Howard Roark said, “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.” If so, why does it often seem that computer databases, the Internet and social media—all products of technological advancement—make our lives less private? And why does the “right” to privacy, a recent development in the law, offer so little protection from government intrusion?

This course begins by discussing the nature of privacy and its contribution to a flourishing life—how it facilitates moral action and enhances our enjoyment of relationships, art and recreation. This discussion includes examples from both real life and Ayn Rand’s fiction. Dr. Peikoff then discusses the history of the legal right to privacy, and contrasts it to an approach to privacy protection based on our rights to property and contract. Drawing upon a range of cases, Dr. Peikoff demonstrates that the latter approach best protects the states of privacy which help us to gain, keep and enjoy our dearest values.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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Snowden’s E-mail Provider Shrugs, Christie Signs Gun Control Legislation & More, today at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET)

It appears that Edward Snowden’s e-mail provider, Lavabit, has decided to shut down instead of continuing to operate on the government’s terms. Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and the current GOP frontrunner in 2016 according to recent polls, just signed into law 10 pieces of gun control legislation. And much more! (See program notes, below, for stories we plan to discuss.)

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Program Notes:

Support the Podcast & Get Recordings of Tammy Bruce Guest Host Appearances

New Sunny TV!

Ted Cruz proposing rider to the next continuing resolution that would defund both discretionary and mandatory spending for Obamacare

Sign the petition at

Washington Post: Snowden’s e-mail provider is closing, cannot legally say why

New York Times: Two Providers of Secure E-mail Shut Down

The US Government Killed Three Secure Email Services This Week (HT for this and next story: Rob Abiera)

Meshnet activists rebuilding the internet from scratch

Apple’s Tim Cook, tech executives meet with Barack Obama to talk surveillance

Flashback: Mitch McConnell Says HHS put a gag order on insurers about the impact of Obamacare (HT: Deborah Sloan)

John Allison: The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure

Cato Makes Dick Durbin’s Enemies List

Chris Christie Signs 10 Gun Bills into Law

Chris Christie leads two new 2016 Republican polls

The $4 Million Teacher

Man who killed Ace hardware employee was on “mission from Allah,” Deputy DA says

Republicans revive ‘Penny Plan’ as sequester alternative to balanced budget

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Ted Cruz proposing rider to the next Continuing Resolution that would defund both discretionary and mandatory spending on Obamacare

On yesterday’s show I discussed an argument put forth by conservative Ken Gardner, to the effect that we would be “chumps” if we supported the efforts of Ted Cruz et al. to defund Obamacare. Gardner’s reasoning was that it wouldn’t work, because it would prevent only the discretionary spending, not the mandatory spending, and so all it would do is make a bunch of people upset at Republicans and ruin the GOP’s chances in the upcoming elections.

I argued, in the second half of the first hour, that Gardner was wrong, even if it was the case that the continuing resolution could be used to prevent only discretionary spending. Listen to the show for my full argument. But today I saw this video of Ted Cruz, explaining that he is proposing a rider to defund BOTH discretionary and mandatory spending. It’s worth watching:

So now there’s even more reason to get behind him and his efforts to defund Obamacare. You can sign the petition and donate here.


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