Greg Gutfeld’s THE JOY OF HATE, “Trickle-Down Ayn Rand” and more today at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET)

Topics for today’s “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard”: Greg Gutfeld’s THE JOY OF HATE, a phenomenon I’m calling “Trickle-Down Ayn Rand” and more.

Call in, or participate in the chat room, to add your questions and comments to the mix!

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8 responses to “Greg Gutfeld’s THE JOY OF HATE, “Trickle-Down Ayn Rand” and more today at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET)

  1. jules

    hi Amy, wanted to call in last sunday when you talked about Greg’s book Joy of hate but couldn’t make the show. is it okay if I call in next sunday? I was at Restoration Weekend & Greg gave a talk and was signing w/ his book.

  2. jayeldee

    Thanks for the Gutfeld Special. I suspect that a “sit-down” with Greg would surely require “a glass of wine.” Or two. (And a tequila to unwind, after.) I caught him on O’Really last night, and he, Gutfeld, didn’t seem quite up to par; probably tired from his book tour. (O’Rilley always condescends to him, as he does to nearly everyone, or tries to, as a “defense mechanism”–which of course is especially necessary for one such as O’Riely in the presence of one such as Gutfeld.)

    By the way, Amazon shows the “five books” Gutfeld has referred to as being: The Scorecard; The Scorecard at Work; Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings; The Bible of Unspeakable Truths; and the latest.

  3. jules

    Thanks, Jayreldee, for your astute comments on how Bill O’Reilly treats Greg Gutfeld! You nailed it with (quote) “O’Reilly always condescends to him, as he does to nearly everyone, or tries to, as a ‘defense mechanism’….”
    “Power corrupts” as it conspicuously has done with O’Reilly (my spell checker keeps correcting his name to “Orally.”) Bill’s become abrasive and arrogant with his guests (exception when he lambasted that reprehensible senator,* Mass-D, who destroyed our economy by pushing no-credit loans from America Banks so ‘everyone could own their own home.’ (The soul of Ayn must’ve freaked by this antithesis of her tenets.)

    Btw, have you noticed Barney Frank looks like a male version of “Miss Piggy?” (Apology to my favorite porky “femme fatale,” who really is a dear.)

    • jayeldee

      Thank you for that, jules. (Re Mr. Frank: I can’t look at him long enough to recognize a resemblance to anyone, or anything; but I trust your conclusion.)

  4. jules

    Ayn Rand would deem below news story exemplary of her philosophy: It is typical of govt, self-appointed ‘saviors,’ and the self-righteois, altruist Left.
    ‘Homeless’ Manhattan man gifted boots by NYPD officer is now wearing flip flops instead… and he’s still panhandling in Times Square (the federal government has paid for and provided an apartment for Hillman in Veteran Affairs Supportive Housing since 2011 in upper Manhattan.)
    Read story + see pics:

    One week on from being catapulted to worldwide fame when a photograph of him being gifted a pair of $100 shoes was posted online – panhandler Jeffrey Hillman is still not wearing his boots.
    With temperatures in New York hovering around freezing for the past two nights, ‘homeless’ Hillman is out begging for money on the streets of Manhattan wearing only a flimsy pair of flip flops.
    Hillman whose arrest history includes harassment, criminal mischief, public masturbation, grand larceny and assault, has a federally funded apartment in the Bronx despite found on the streets on a cold New York night.

    ‘Just because he has an apartment doesn’t mean our work is done with him,’ NYC Commissioner of Homeless Services Seth Diamond told USA Today. ‘He is not dressed for the weather, he is not engaged in a healthy lifestyle, and he is not leading a productive life.’*
    [*NOR CAN YOU MAKE HIM because he doesn’t want to! It is the human nature/condition/mindset of this man and all the money (tax payer’s) you give him will not change the fact. It just makes “Seth Diamond” feel better.]

    Mr Diamond says Hillman has been receiving help from his department since 2009, first living in transitional housing sites called Safe Havens before deemed stable enough to be given a private apartment in 2011. <<

    No one can save or "help" a person if they don't want to better themselves.

    • jayeldee

      I found this “story” both amusing and appalling, from the outset. The latter, because why is a NYC police officer busying himself with acts of charity, presumably while on duty?! (In this connection, it would’ve been perversely gratifying to see, in the background of that photo, a pedestrian being mugged, at that very moment.) And I found it amusing (again perversely), because there was an early report that Mr. Hillman declined to wear his shiny new boots owing to the fear of being mugged for them (figuring, one supposes, that the cops would be too busy with the shoeing of other undeserving feet, to protect him).

    • jayeldee

      PS–And one more point, albeit minor: I wonder how it feels, to have thick wool socks and stiff new boots tugged on and over one’s severely blistered feet? It couldn’t have been a terribly happy moment, one would think….

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