Brief Podcast Hiatus — Great Time to Catch up on “Intervention” Series Episodes You May Have Missed

Hi Everyone,

Due to medical reasons — don’t worry, it’s nothing serious and I expect to recover quickly — I will not be broadcasting for the next two weeks. I’ll return on October 21, hopefully with a live or pre-recorded interview with John Allison, author of the recently released book, The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure:  Why Pure Capitalism is the World Economy’s Only Hope. (Mr. Allison has agreed to the interview, but we’ve yet to confirm an exact date.)

In the meantime, I invite you to catch up on any of the “‘Intervention’ for Gary Johnson Voters Series” podcasts you may have missed. (And feel free to share this post with anyone who you think may benefit from listening to the shows.):

(Links to the recorded podcasts are embedded in show descriptions.)

8/19 – Discussed the proximate cause for starting the series this week vs. waiting a few weeks: a Libertarian Party e-mail bragging about Gary Johnson’s ability to deprive Romney of votes in “battleground” states.

8/26 – Addressed some questions about the propriety of voting for Romney-Ryan, and discussed the issue of energy subsidies under Obama. (An issue that Romney managed to address fairly well during the first Presidential debate.)

9/9 – An entire episode devoted to foreign policy. (Yes, there was plenty to talk about, even before the events starting on 9/11 this year.)

9/15 – An interview with Leonard Peikoff, at the end of which the discussion turned to politics and the upcoming election. (Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Leonard’s excellent, concise post on the election.)

9/23 – An entire episode devoted to free speech.

Also, although it wasn’t originally intended as part of the “Intervention” series, you might want to listen to the 4/29 show, in which we discussed Obama’s nihilism with respect to the Office of the President itself.

Have a great couple of weeks, and I look forward to rejoining you on October 21!



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10 responses to “Brief Podcast Hiatus — Great Time to Catch up on “Intervention” Series Episodes You May Have Missed

  1. Thanks, Amy. Hope all goes well with the medical stuff.


    Good premises and a speedy recovery. Robert Villegas, Jr.

  3. Craig

    Having read his book, I have a question for Allison.

    He projects a collapse of the US in 20-25 years, apparently on the basis of the inability of the government to meet its unfunded liabilities. I cannot see how it could last that long because I expect the dollar to hyperinflate away within at most a couple of years. Why doesn’t Allison expect such a hyperinflation?

  4. Reblogged this on Glory to man in the highest and commented:
    Get well Amy!

  5. Gary Johnson on Iran,blaming Iraq this time. Gary Johnson Discussing Iran – YouTube

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  7. jayeldee

    In this interim, it has occurred to me that Obama may be engaged in a throwing of the election. It is just possible that he has decided he does not want another term—but doesn’t wish to openly admit it (to anyone other than himself—including, perhaps, not even his own wife), on the premise that “no one likes a quitter.” So, to save face, he wants only to stage a close election—but not so close as to endanger his chances of losing. Perhaps he has been surprised at the weakness of his opponent across the course of the campaign, and so is now, here in the ninth inning, having to actively engage in sabotaging himself—with, for example, the Libyan fiasco, and with his pathetic performance in the recent debate. (I can also picture him having taken Biden aside, and urging him to “just relax and be himself,” which he certainly was, in the VP debate—knowing that would jeopardize Biden’s performance, and so also be of no help to the ticket. And he was probably once again surprised [and chagrined?], at the weakness of Biden’s opponent.)

    Perhaps my imagination is running away with me…. This Tuesday night’s “debate” might afford sufficient evidence, one way or the other.

    In any event, if the President is engaged in such chicanery, it would suggest, not that he is not a true nihilist, but only that his dedication to the cause is not quite as intense as might be imagined. And of course, if this supposed ploy succeeds (as it certainly now appears to be succeeding), I believe it would behoove those who are trying to buy time in the near term, to vote straight-Democratic in the congressional races—the aim being, to incapacitate as much as possible, for the next four years, the menace that is our Federal government. No good will come from giving either party a free rein.

  8. Craig

    Capitalist Pig

  9. Craig

    Doug Casey on voting:

    “Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. That same audience (1980), when I pointed out that their taxes were high and were being wasted, contained an individual who asked, “Why do we have to pay for things with our taxes? Why doesn’t the government pay for it?” I swear that’s what he said; it’s on tape. If you could go back and watch the show, you’d see that the audience clapped after that brilliant question. Which was when I first realized that while the situation is actually hopeless, it’s also quite comic…”

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