Two-week Show Hiatus

I am taking a two-week hiatus from the show, in part to complete an important, time-consuming project, and in part to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend with some friends. I hope you will join us when we return for our next show on June 3. In the meantime, you can catch up on any shows you missed at BlogTalk Radio. In particular I recommend the Yaron Brook and Robert Spencer interviews I did last year, and my second interview with Yaron Brook from April of this year, as well as interviews with novelist Kira Peikoff and Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress.

I will still be posting and discussing news items at the Don’t Let It Go…Unheard page on Facebook, and may even, time permitting, squeeze in a fresh blog post here. Have a great two weeks, and I look forward to “seeing” you on June 3!


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6 responses to “Two-week Show Hiatus

  1. Alec Bass

    Have a good vacation, Amy!

  2. ebonz2@

    Thank you, Dr Peikoff. A is A.

  3. 187666

    Give me a birthday shout out on the June 3rd show.

  4. M.Stern

    When you get back, I would be interested in your opinion on this segment of a Jimmy Kimmel show:

    What do you think this portends for America? And are you at all unnerved by the sickness of the skit and the audience cheering for it?

  5. jason

    unnerving and sickness are words to mild for what I feel. Not just racism, but blantant, self rightious racism answered with cowardice and cheering. My anger towards the left knows no bounds, and to the extend the issues raised might have some legitimacy it was always the democrat party trying to get the votes of the people in this country who are racist and doing whatever it felt it thought some majority segment of the population wanted apart from any moral priciple of right or wrong. Maybe for a show you can talk about the history of racism in the 2 major parties, or how we got to where we are today. I notice on tv that democrats say, yah we we the party that suported those racist laws in the past, but then after 1964 we cleaned house and all those evil white southern racists are enthusiastic republican suporters who are welcomed there with open arms, and thats how simple it is and don’t ask me any follow up questions.

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