Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #33, Hour 2

Hour 2: Gary Johnson and Herman Cain join the “politicians who shoot themselves in the foot” club. Latest on Occupy Wall Street. Is the influence of the Tea Party fading?

Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #33 Hour 2, October 16

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2 responses to “Don’t Let It Go…Unheard #33, Hour 2

  1. M.Stern

    I think you are over-reacting to the statements made by Cain about the electric fence. He shouldn’t have made them but its just anti-open-immigration rhetoric that the Conservative base loves. Immigration is a difficult subject. Even Objectivists disagree on what exactly “open” immigration entails. Immigration is the LEAST important issue from an Objectivist perspective in our current context given potential hyper-inflationary depression and possible civilizational collapse.

    No other Republican is capable of saying what Cain says below:

    GREGORY: You’ve talked as well about liberals in the country. You gave a speech in February where you didn’t mince words. This is what you said.

    MR. CAIN: The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country.

    MR. GREGORY: To destroy this country. How so?

    MR. CAIN: Economically. Look at this economy. David, the engine of economic growth is the business sector. We are growing at an anemic 1, 1 1/2 percent. If we allow this economy to continue to go down, it would destroy our economic capability. And, as a result, we are now looking at how much in defense we can cut. That’s destroying it. It …

    MR. GREGORY: You think liberals actually seek to do that, that that’s their mission, to destroy the economy?

    MR. CAIN: I–that’s the conclusion that I have drawn.

    MR. GREGORY: Not mismanagement.

    MR. CAIN: No!

    MR. GREGORY: But it’s their mission.

    MR. CAIN: It is their mission. Because they do not believe in a stronger America, in my opinion. Yes.

    Cain is the best Republican candidate remaining. By FAR. Of course, that’s not saying much. But still…

  2. John

    As far as Gov Gary Johnson saying he would not have gone into Libea due to not perceiving a threat is accurate. Even congress agreed that we were to not use force. So it is clear he is not alone in his evaluation of the threat they posed the US. He stated correctly that “Where in the Constitution does it give the president authorization to go in and topple a foreign leader we dont like. If thats the requirement arn’t there other dictators that fall under that category”?
    As for saying he would act without delay handling the Lords Resistance Army is also justified and consistent. Congress not only authorized our involvement but specificly said we were to get involved which I believe was under the Bush aadministration. Years ago! I personaly think that is what an effective Comander in Chief would do. Act. Not wait for years and hope it all blows over. Gov Johnson was saying that what is occuring is Genicide.
    I applaud Gov Johnsons courage to actualy take the limits of our Constitution seriously. I believe the confusion that resulted from his statments comes from years of arbitrary and unconstitutional conflicts and wars our government involves us in. People have gotten used to us just going in and fighting everyone who creates conflict in the world.
    As for Iran what he was saying is that we have the technology to monitor them and take tactical action to eliminate any iminate threat they have towards us if one develops. I believe that is the only rational approach. The only other is to go to war with them now. Again if they are a threat why wait. And again that would need congresional aproval but I argue that sense that hasn’t been givin their isn’t an iminate threat perceived by congress.
    and to clarify he doesn’t support nation building when we are borowing .43cents out of every dollar to do it! Our country is on the verge of collapse. Nation building is probbly not the most rational thing to be doing right now. If we dont balance our budget now we won’t have the ability to help ourselves let alone other countries. Not years but Balance it Now.
    We have limits placed on or government and he appears to be the only candidate who takes them seriously.
    We sure could use a whole lot of that right now.

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