Um, No, That’s Not What We Meant

Today former President Bill Clinton held an impromptu press conference in order to support the tax-cut deal that Obama reached with some Republicans. The mainstream media is already speculating that the circumstances of the conference, the demeanor of Obama and Clinton during it, along with Obama’s abrupt departure partway through, will provide much food for fodder for conservative talk radio hosts and others who are speculating that Obama has all but abdicated.

But let’s put that aside.

Let’s also put aside the fact that the bill that has emerged from this tax-cut deal is arguably another disaster waiting to happen, full of more “stimulus” and pork. Senator Jim DeMint is urging everyone to vote against it, with the idea that Republicans can get a “cleaner” bill after the new members of Congress take office.

The thing that struck me most about the press conference was something that Bill Clinton said about the meaning of the midterm elections in November of this year. He said, about the midterm elections in 1994, “After the ’94 election I said that the American people, in their infinite wisdom, had put us both in the same boat, so we’re going to either row or sink. And I want us to row.” He continued, “Everybody’s got to give a little.”

In other words, as one Associated Press writer paraphrases Clinton’s advice to the Obama administration and to Congress: “Republicans and Democrats both have to accept the message voters sent in the last election, which is that they want the president and lawmakers from the opposing party to compromise.”

Um, no, we don’t. I’m not sure if Clinton or the media understand this, but we were not given the opportunity to vote out Obama in November. If we had been, I’m sure we would have done that, too. We did the best that we could, which was to put as many of the “better” Republicans and Tea Party members in office as possible, with the hope that they could at least stop the bleeding. We did not vote for compromise. Gridlock, sure. Compromise, no.

On my wish list for 2011 (although I understand none of it may come to pass until 2013): A “clean” bill extending the Bush-era tax cuts; A bill that repeals Obamacare (without “replacing” it with a watered-down Republican version); Massive cuts in the size and scope and intrusiveness of government. That is what I meant by my vote.


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4 responses to “Um, No, That’s Not What We Meant

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  2. GDE

    Agree! Also no stimulus and bail outs.

  3. GDE, agreed. Notice also that Clinton presented the alternative as “row or sink.” And by “row,” he means pass more and more legislation! The premise is that government is what moves the world and that, if nothing can “get done,” the country will “sink.”

    Of course the truth is that, the more we can count on government to leave us alone, the more we can produce and create jobs. Only the productive can prevent the country from sinking, and they can’t do it with ever more shackles being placed on them by government.

    In this particular case, because of the silly way the Bush tax cuts were set to expire, Congress does actually have to “get something done” in order to ensure we are not shackled more than we already are. Ugh!

  4. rbc

    EXACTLY RIGHT! This suffocating, massive government must be brought to a
    screeching halt, but unfortunately the current administration, with their deceitful, knowingly inaccurate interpretations of what the 2010 election results actually mean, enable them to continue their mindless march on their destructive path to achieve their progressive agenda. They have behaved as if the elections did not even take place and the Republicans have allowed Obamba to continue to achieve in this lame duck congress as no president has ever done. They should have brought ALL bills to a stop and blocked Harry
    Reed’s continued progressive agenda in the senate. They have failed to block the democrats from behaving as if the wishes of the American people mean nothing to them.

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